Global Bakeries LLC’s Customized Programs

In the highly competitive fresh bakery marketplace it is essential to take every advantage available to you. Profits depend on the ability to keep fast moving merchandise in stock and easily accessible to all of your outlets.

Global Bakeries LLC is your bagel, pita bread, dinner roll and croissant marketing partner. We will develop a customized private label program to suit your selling, merchandising, and profit margin requirements. We will customize and manage your package design and printing, develop direct incentives, create promotions and merchandising alternatives with superior logistic management.

Global Bakeries LLC is an efficient high quality regional bakery with an all-inclusive operation supporting a multitude of national and regional manufacturers, retailers and national branded products. We will rise up and bake up increased profits into your bagel, dinner roll, croissant and pita bread product lines!

Global Bakeries LLC will develop a private label program to suit your merchandising needs.

  • Package Design

  • Direct Incentives

  • Advanced Planning

  • Promotions

  • Merchandising Alternatives

  • Logistics Management